Our Services are Different Than Our Competitors
Account Executive Assigned We assign the billing professional to each provider to handle the account efficiently.
Control of Your Practice Advanced systems let you track your account status at any time and any place.
Daily Processing System we provide daily billing entry services and do not hold claims for processing.
Eliminate Billing Headaches We continuously track your net collection rate (The actual payment Vs. The contracted Rate) to ensure accurate payment.
Faster Reimbursement 10 to 14 days turn around time on all electronic claims.
Great Financial Benefit We will improve your net collection rate and your average collection per charge.
No Hassle for Documents We scan all documents received and store them in our safe data server.
Persistent Follow-up We will make every attempt to collect payment from insurance companies.
Professional Handling Professionally prepared, accurately entered and electronically submitted by billing expert.
Prompt and Accurate Posting We post all claims electronically and manually when EOBs are available.
Reduce Payer Denial Denials are minimized as we scrub claims before they?™re submitted.
Total Solutions for your Practice Our professionals serve you to set up your practice from start to end.