Billing Services
  Courteous but effective collection of outstanding receivables.
  Faster reimbursements by electronic billing.
  Optional service of creating and mailing of patient statements.
  Patient billing questions answered personally and efficiently.
  Persistent follow-up on all claims.
  Professionally prepared, accurately entered and electronically submitted.
  Prompt posting of payments.
  Optional Internet Access to a complete medical billing system
  Practice Management
  Analyze practice cost, budget and income.
  Operational effectiveness and efficiency.
  Our professionals serve you to set up your practice from start to end.
  Reimbursement systems (Billing, Collection, Compliance and Fee Schedules)
  Review the tax returns, financial statements, billing and practice management costs, legal agreements,
  managed agreements, insurance policies, retirement plans, and other financial information.
  Staffing issues (Requirements/Planning)
  Customized monthly statistical reports and spread sheets tracking business activity and productivity
  You save money, administrative time and energy and increase patient's satisfaction and your practice's cash flow... all at the same time!